Our Graduate Gemologists will evaluate your item(s) & complete an apprisal for your insurance provider or legal needs. This service has a per-hour fee of $100 if the items are left for evaluation. An expedited "while you wait" service is also available at the per-hour fee of $200, with a scheduled appointment.

We Provide Two Different Types of Appraisals: 

Insurance appraisal – This type of valuation is done for replacement purposes, to cover you in the case of loss or theft. Each item is photographed with a detailed description. A replacement price is quoted for the purchase of a like item at the current market's retail standards.

Current Selling Value / Fair Market Value

   This type of appraisal is used for legal matters, such as an inheritance or divorce, or division of an estate. We photograph & detail each item, & provide fair market values for jewelry, diamonds, and timepieces. If you are with a legal firm and in need of our services, please call our offices to discuss your particular situation.