The Ultimate Anniversary Gift Guide

Anniversaries mark each milestone in a relationship, celebrating love, commitment, and the memories shared together. At Jae's Jewelers, we understand the importance of finding a meaningful gift to commemorate such an important occasion. Whether you're celebrating your first year together, or a golden fifty, our curated anniversary gift guide is here to help you choose a timeless treasure that your partner will adore.

Celebrate Early Milestones - 1st to 5th Anniversary

First Year: Gold & Diamonds

The first anniversary is a significant milestone. Commemorate this special year with a piece of simple gold jewelry. A classic diamond solitaire necklace or a gold band with small diamonds can be a good option to stack with her engagement ring and wedding band.

Second Year: Gemstones

For the second anniversary, gemstones represent the growing and deepening connection between partners. Consider a piece featuring your partner's birthstone or a gemstone with a color that they love. 

Third Year: Pearls

Pearls symbolize natural beauty and durability, much like the foundation you've built together by the third year. A pearl necklace or a pair of elegant pearl earrings are a beautiful symbol of your love.

Fourth Year: Blue Topaz

The vibrant blue of topaz reflects the depth and clarity of four years spent together. A blue topaz ring or a necklace can make for a stunning and meaningful anniversary gift.

Fifth Year: Sapphire

Five years together is a significant milestone, often symbolized by sapphire. Its durability and beauty make it a perfect representation of a love that's both strong and beautiful. A sapphire ring or bracelet would be a memorable gift for this anniversary.

Marking the Decades - 10th, 20th, and Beyond

Tenth Year: Diamonds

A decade together is a monumental achievement. Diamonds, known for their unmatched strength and brilliance, are the perfect symbol for ten years of love and memories. Consider a diamond anniversary band or a statement piece, like diamond studs or a tennis necklace that adds to their collection.

Twentieth Year: Platinum

Two decades together calls for a gift that's as enduring as your relationship. Platinum's durability and rare beauty make it an ideal choice for a 20th-anniversary gift, whether it's a new wedding band or a stunning diamond bracelet.          

Thirtieth Year: Pearls Revisited

Returning to pearls on your 30th anniversary signifies the beauty and rarity of three decades together. Opt for something unique like a pearl necklace with a modern twist.

Golden Fifty

Celebrating half a century together is a momentous occasion. Gold jewelry, especially pieces that incorporate both of your styles, serves as a beautiful homage to your golden anniversary. An Omega Necklace would be a great option. An H. Stern Textured Dome Ring is a statement piece that you can also add an engraving.

Custom Creations for a Personal Touch

At Jae's Jewelers, we believe that every love story is unique. That's why we offer custom jewelry design services to help you create a piece as unique as your journey. From incorporating family heirlooms to designing something entirely new, our experts are here to bring your vision to life.

Choosing the right anniversary gift can be overwhelming, but you're not alone. Our knowledgeable team at Jae's Jewelers is dedicated to helping you find or create the perfect piece that captures the essence of your love and the significance of your milestone.

Celebrate your love story with a timeless piece of jewelry from Jae's Jewelers. Visit us today to discover the perfect anniversary gift that will be cherished for years to come.