Valentine's Day Ideas She Will Love

Once a year, we celebrate all things “Love.” Whether it’s for your significant other, a family member, or a special friend, here are some ideas to assist with the surprise.        

Flowers are beautiful for a few days, but wilt and eventually make their way into the trash. The same can be said about chocolates and other sweets; they don’t last very long. Instead, show your love with an item that she will treasure for years to come. Rebecca is an Italian designer of fashion jewelry that won’t break the bank. The brand’s My World customizable charm bracelet collection starts at only $50. Even Rebecca’s fashion-forward necklaces, rings, and earrings are mostly under $250.

If you were thinking more along the lines of diamond jewelry, Jae’s Jewelers has you covered. Diamond stud earrings start at $495, diamond bracelets from $305, and diamond necklaces from $400.

When words aren't enough, jewelry says it all. These jewelry pieces are ideal for gifting to the one who is close to your heart. They're perfect symbols of love for every relationship in your life - romantic or otherwise. We often see women come into Jae's Jewelers looking to gift something special for a mother or sister to gift for Valentine's Day. In those cases, we also suggest heart-themed jewelry.

A few of our favorites include a diamond heart ring, or a glamorous pair heart-shaped floating diamond earrings. Shop the full selection of heart-themed jewelry by clicking here.

Nowadays, pets are an important part of our family. Why not let your furry friend show up with her Valentine’s gift, or better yet her engagement ring? Think of the look on her face, when she sees your pup with something special attached to his/her collar. Now, that is a feeling you will both cherish forever.