Bridal Trends 2020

Happy new year! The holidays are finally over and it’s time to start thinking about your upcoming proposal. Since Valentine’s Day is a common day to pop the big question, here are a few popular concepts in the world of engagement rings in 2020.

Diamond halos were the norm in a big way for the past 10 years. The concept is that a ring of smaller diamonds around the center diamond makes the center diamond look larger at first glance. Over the past year or two, the trend has been towards a more subdued ring design. Styles such as solitaires, 3 stone rings, or 5 stone rings have picked up in popularity.

It used to be that one ring was enough. Now, brides prefer rings that nest and wrap to fit each other in a stacking design. Many are requesting an engagement ring with matching bands on each side of the ring, to balance in symmetry. Often times the stack bands are similar metal colors; we are also seeing the stack ring sets in white, yellow, and rose gold.

In a representation of the blending of two lives, twist rings have picked up in popularity. In this design, two “waves” intersect on each side of the center diamond. I personally like the symbolism of this concept as it keeps the true meaning of the engagement ring front and center.

The 1980s had marquise shapes. The 1990s & 2000s had princess cuts. 2010s had rounds in halos. Now, it’s time for pear-shaped diamonds to shine! Pears visually look larger than their similarly weighted counterparts, making for a great value. Similarly, oval engagement rings are also on the rise. Both of these shapes can be cut longer or wider, and the preferred proportions are personal preference. As most shoppers will learn upon simple research, all fancy shape diamonds are often priced about 20% less than round-cut diamonds (for a 1-carat weight).

Baguette cut diamonds are thin step-cut diamonds, similar to an emerald cut, but significantly narrower and longer. They have exploded in fine fashion jewelry designs over the past 3 years, and are now finding their way into engagement styles. The most popular baguette design is having one baguette on each side of the center diamond.

Even though these are the current trends, you and your fiancé may prefer the traditional look of a round solitaire in a platinum mounting. Just like all fashion, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Which style is right for you?

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