Custom Design

A custom piece of jewelry is truly unique, that remains special forever. Is there a design you’ve always wanted to build? A gift idea that you just can’t seem to find anywhere? Let us build it for you! We can bring your creative visions to life.

Engagement rings and wedding bands are the custom projects that we do most frequently. It is so special when a man or woman can wear a unique ring that has been made specifically for them. And, we really love being a part of creating such a momentous gift; it’s a fun process.

Another popular design job involves bringing new life to an old piece of jewelry. People bring us jewelry that they have inherited or simply isn’t their style any longer, and we sit down to design a new piece of jewelry that they can begin to enjoy using some or all of the original jewelry’s parts. Sometimes, too, an heirloom piece simply needs a bit of updating or repair.

Using CAD/CAM computer programming, we create and discuss renderings of your design before bringing it to life. Our lead designer, Cec, is a graduate of The Gemological Institute of America and has extensive knowledge pertaining to gems and the materials available. We work closely with you during the design process. Once you have approved the final draft rendering, our team of jewelers will begin the process of physically building your distinctive design.

Whatever your jewelry dreams may be, we look forward to making them a reality.