Diamond Shapes: The Right One For You

When earth-mined diamonds grew within the earth over 1 billion years ago, they were under intense amounts of heat and pressure. Over time, these crystals worked their way to the earth’s surface, later to be found via mining efforts. The natural shape of most diamonds is the octohedron, an 8 sided cube with pointed tops. 

Uncut Diamond Octohedron

It is from this original form that most diamonds are cut. As you can see in this illustration below, diamonds are usually cut from the rough to maintain one large well-cut stone. The remnants are used to plan out other shapes and sizes to maximize overall value.

Planning Diamond Cut From Rough

The most popular cut is the modern round brilliant, developed in 1919. This is the shape used in most traditional engagement rings and fine jewelry side stones. It has 57 facets (or cuts) all the way around the top and bottom of the stone. Prior to that, the single-cut was the norm, with a similar shape made of only 17 facets.

Single Cut vs Full Cut

Any shape other than round is considered a fancy shape. The most popular shapes for engagement rings include Pear, Emerald, Square Emerald (Asscher), Radiant, Oval, Princess, Heart, and Cushion. 

Polished Diamond Shapes

Over the past 5 years, diamonds that are not flat on top have gained popularity for a more alternative look. These are inspired by Rose cut diamonds from the 1800s, but with body shapes taken from traditional cuts such as ovals, rounds, and pears. 

Rose Cut Loose Diamonds

These shapes are often utilized with so-called “rough,” “salt & pepper,” or “icy” diamonds, which are diamonds with eye-visible inclusions or a noticeable body color. 

Icy Salt & Pepper Diamond Ring

The best way to decide which shape is right for you is to try each one on your hand. This will give you an idea of the size and dimensions that are most flattering to you. At Jae’s Jewelers, we have a curated collection covering almost all of the shape options. You can find our finished engagement ring collection at https://www.jaesjewelers.com/jewelry/rings/engagement-rings. 

In addition, we have an assortment of loose diamonds to choose from. If you do not see the diamond of your dreams, please schedule a consultation with one of our Gemologists at https://www.jaesjewelers.com/contact or by calling us at 305-443-7724 Tuesday through Saturdays from 11 AM – 6 PM.