How To Buy an Engagement Ring Online

At Jae’s Jewelers we try to assist our customers with finding the ideal wedding ring for their special day in person. We also offer practical advice to those who may live out of town and are shopping online. Here are various steps to consider:


  1. Determine your budget – before shopping for a diamond ring online, determine your budget. Knowing your price range can help you narrow down your options and make your search more efficient.


  1. Research the store – use a search engine to find online jewelry stores. Check their reputation via reviews on their website, and on third-party platforms like Google reviews. Reputable websites offer security policies like SSL. A secure online store is a must when buying an engagement ring online, in order to protect your credit card data and personal information.


  1. Know the 4Cs of the diamond– The four Cs are the basic parameters that determine the quality and price of the diamond. They are Carat weight, Clarity, Cut, and Color. Understanding these 4Cs helps you find a high-quality diamond ring that meets your budget.


  1. Choose the Style – When it comes to an engagement ring, there are several styles available. You can choose from a solitaire, halo, three stone, etc. In addition, there are different types of metals to choose from like gold, platinum, rose gold, or white gold.


  1. Determine the ring size - Before you make a purchase, ensure you know the correct size for your finger to avoid resizing costs. Note that many ring designs cannot be made larger or smaller.


  1. Check return policy and warranties – It is important to check the return policy, and warranty of the online store. Ensure they offer a full refund or exchange if the ring is not what you want, or has manufacturing defects.


  1. Place your order – Once you pick the engagement ring that meets your requirements, place your order, and make sure you review the details carefully, providing the correct shipping address, and making payments securely.


  1. Shipping and Delivery- Check for the expected delivery date and ensure the package is insured and has a tracking number. Most jewelers require a signature at delivery.


In summary, before you buy an engagement ring online, research reputable businesses. Know your budget and style, understand the diamond quality, check store policies, determine finger size, order carefully, and track your shipping. To schedule an engagement ring consultation, visit us at 237 Miracle Mile or call 305-443-7724.