Men's Custom Design

Designing jewelry is similar to writing a book... the artist selects unique characters, picks out the lead role, and builds a supporting cast. In my opinion, when designing a men’s ring, the lead role should be a black “cat’s eye” sapphire. The mysterious look of this stone is very attractive and masculine, bringing discreet attention to the wearer. In fact, I custom made one for myself in 18 karat yellow gold with diamonds to highlight the center stone. I enjoyed wearing it for many years, until one of my clients had to own it, and made an offer that couldn’t be refused.

So what makes a Black Sapphire such an alluring stone for men’s jewelry? 

First of all, the black color is a muted tone that goes with nearly all items of a man’s wardrobe. Second, sapphires are a 9 out of 10 on the Moh’s hardness scale. This means the gemstone can take more daily abuse than other softer stones, without chipping or breaking.

Finally, and most impressively, black “cat’s eye” sapphires belong to a unique family of gems classified as chatoyant. This refers to an optical property reflecting light in a straight line. This often divides a dark side of the stone from a lighter side when viewed under a single light source. Chatoyancy is caused by many parallel inclusions right under the stone surface known as "silk." The light reflects from these inclusions to form a thin band across the surface of the stone. These inclusions can be crystals, hollow tubes, or other linear structures that are present throughout the stone and are usually aligned with a crystallographic axis. Needle-like crystals of rutile and hematite are well-known for producing a cat’s-eye in many specimens.

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