Not Another Tie

With Father’s Day less than 2 weeks away, you need gift suggestions. Everyone knows that the last thing dad wants is a tie. Imagine his expression when opening one of these more meaningful & unexpected gifts:

1) A Fine Timepiece
Nothing is more collectible for men than watches. It’s the gift that keeps on giving as watches become treasured heirlooms that are passed down to children one day. Here are a few new and pre-owned suggestions in a variety of price points.

  • Under $750 – Victorinox/Swiss Army

This brand produces mostly battery operated steel watches that bridge the gap between sport and dress. (click each image for more information)


  • Under $5,000 – Pre-owned Automatic watches

Automatic movements pay homage to historical timekeeping. Before the 1970s, watches were only a system of gears and springs. It is this technical engineering that makes fine timepieces so desirable.


  • Over $5,000 – Pre-owned Rolex

This brand produces mostly battery operated steel watches that bridge the gap between sport and dress.

2) Cufflinks
With many men only getting dressed up once it in a while for a special occasion or important meeting, they often don’t have cufflinks when needed. Here are a variety of designs from classic to contemporary.



3) A Personalized Piece of Jewelry
With onsite engraving available, Jae’s Jewelers can add a special message to the backof a watch, pendant, or inside a ring. Commemorate a special date, family member, ormessage in your Father’s Day gift.

4) A Restored Family Heirloom
Do you have an old timepiece laying around that hasn’t worked in years? We can restore it, or replace the movement. He will love wearing the watch that he remembers his father or grandfather wearing!

5) Stacked Bracelets
Color is where its at for men’s bracelets, and you can’t just wear one. From silver to leather to gemstones and rubber, there is no wrong answer.


6) Classic Gold Chain Necklace
We live in Miami, where it seems every guy needs a gold chain. Anchor, Figaro, or Cuban link, you name it. Jae’s Jewelers can source any length, width, or price you prefer.


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