October Opals

October is upon us. Apart from an adventuresome Halloween celebration, those born in this month are represented by one of the most fascinating gemstones on planet Earth...the Opal.

For those that are scientifically inclined, Opal is a non-crystalline state of the mineral Silica. It forms into amorphous groups of silica instead of naturally faceted crystals. Chemically it is combination of silicon dioxide and mostly water. Because of this, it is usually found where geothermal hot springs once flowed. Enough with the science…

Opal is unique in the way it reflects all the colors of the spectrum. This is the result of the interference and refraction of light passing through the gemstone. This unusual phenomenon is known as “Play of Color”. Move an opal in different directions and you will witness this spectacular feature. 
Precious Opal is indeed precious because only 0.25% of mined material is considered gemstone quality with a play of color phenomenon. The rest is classified as “Potch” which is a bland grey material. 

There are a number of varieties of Opal, including white-bodied precious opal, fire opals that have a translucent orange body color, blue opals, and the most precious, black opal.

A large percentage of the Opals in the world come from three distinct regions in Australia, the South Australian Fields known for their “light-based opals”, The Queensland Fields where “boulder opals” originate, and Lightning Ridge where black opals are found. Another region popular for opal mining is the Welo area of Ethiopia, producing a wide variety and quality of precious opals.

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