Q&A with Anna Noriego, Owner of Alore Events

Years ago when I was still working in the corporate world, my mother told
me that one day I would end up running my own company. I laughed at
her words and told her I would never give up a weekly paycheck and
stability for a hustle. I am a true believer that you bring your own luck and
whatever hard work and desires you put out into the universe you will pull
out. I moved through the ranks very quickly and had the opportunity to
work at hotels such as Fisher Island and be the mastermind behind the
opening of what was sure to be the first luxury hotel on Ocean Drive.
Delays in construction and poor ownership had other plans for me and I quickly realized that what I wanted to offer to my clients and the event industry didn’t exist and simply couldn’t be contained to an office job working 9-5 PM. I decided to take a chance and risk going on my own to represent my clients and everything I knew I had to offer. Brilliantly, Alorè was born. Today, I can wholeheartedly say that while no job has constant highs, I love what I do. I love my staff and I love being able to use everything I learned on a daily basis to make our clients' visions and dreams come true.

While our job is to make the impossible possible, we’re only limited by
the harsh reality of budgets. Clients need to have a realistic financial
understanding of their wishlist and then rely on the services of a wedding
planner to help stretch the budget while creating and designing the
event of their dreams.

The most memorable wedding my team and I had the pleasure of
bringing to life was a Destination Wedding out of Miami that took place
in Napa, CA. Guests were flown for a four-day program which included
private wine tastings, epic views of grapevine hills, and a wedding
reception inside a wine cave! No detail was overlooked and perfectly
executed as our team created this memorable and unique wedding

The moment that I get most excited for is to watch our clients walk down
the aisle. Right at that moment, time stands still and all eyes are on them.
This becomes their moment to shine and I love that!

We try and work with each client before introducing them to vendors on
what is most important to them. By finding out what they are looking for
in a photographer we can better suggest what to ask them. For example,
some of our clients are more interested in portraits than journalist style
photos, while some want to make sure they get their files in a digital
download vs buying albums. I think by far the only questions that will be
important to ask no matter what it is you are looking for in a
photographer are questions relating to timeline and logistics. Such as do
they shoot with a team or a second shooter? This way you know that two
events happening at the same time can be photographed without losing
content. Additional questions include: How long will it take for them to
turn over your retouched images. Do they provide a digital download and
can you purchase your album down the line instead of committing
beforehand? And are you given the rights should you wish to submit your
wedding to publication to do so.

In my opinion, there isn’t a better or worse time to have a wedding or
event. It will all depend on what the clients are ultimately looking for. If a
client is looking for an outdoor space in South Florida than for obvious
reasons we would gravitate towards winter or fall months. If a client is doing a destination wedding to Mexico, summer months are the prime season. Months in “Off Season” (July-October) tend to be more budget-friendly and in today’s event world there are no longer any rules to go by, the sky is the limit and our clients dictate what is best for them. We have executed weddings on a Monday and Thursday as much as we have on the weekends, and in snow as much as sand. In the end, we only bring our clients vision to life, but it is they who ultimately make the final decisions.

Luckily no, but I will say we always suggest ring boys or girls only carry
what we call “show rings” and not the actual rings because we have had
instances where the rings fall and we need to go diving for them!

Based in Miami, FL, Alorè Event Firm infuses traditional design with
modern inspired technique and aesthetic. With over a decade of
experience executing weddings and events and a true passion for what
we do, what started as a small office space inside my once Downtown
apartment is now a nationally recognized brand with over half a dozen
amazing staff members and 5,000 sq. ft. of workshop/office space. We
not only ensure your event is flawless in every detail but that it is also a
memorable one for years to come. Aloré Event Firm is well known for
creating weddings & events at some of the most sought-after venues &
destinations around the world. We are proud to offer our expertise in all
aspects of event planning and décor from conceptualization to the actual
execution of your event.

Such a hard question as I love many of the unique spaces South Florida
has to offer! On a personal note, I tend to gravitate to unique venues that
offer a sense of romance and elegance. I am currently swooning over
Solè, East Miami, Walton House, and PAMM.

For sure visit Jae’s Jewelers and make sure you have picked out some
amazing rings! Additionally, I suggest:

1. Stay active and fit in the weeks leading up to the wedding at it will help cope
with added stress and anxiety.

2. Schedule a massage or relaxing spa day a few days before the wedding to

3. Get your dress professionally steamed through your bridal store or luxury dry
cleaners at least TWO days before the wedding.

4. Check in to your hotel if getting ready on location at least a day BEFORE your
wedding to ensure you have ample time the day of the wedding to get ready.

5. Go to sleep early the night before and leave the boozing for the wedding as
there is no amount of photoshoot that will take away puffy eyes and a tired face.