Sapphires In September

Did you know that sapphires are the birthstone for September? They are also the best selling colored gemstone at Jae’s Jewelers. This is because sapphires exist in every price range, depending on their depth of color, size, treatments, and clarity.


Sought after for their gorgeous vivid color, sapphires come in almost every color of the rainbow including blue (most common), pink, and orange. Some sapphires even show two colors within one stone; these are called parti sapphires. The most common parti sapphires occur in green-blue or greenish-yellow tones.



Most sapphires are heated to improve their natural color. This treatment is considered normal and is assumed unless a lab report states that the sapphire is not heated. There are a few exceptions to this fact… rare, naturally deep-colored and highly valuable sapphires, and some small sapphires mined in Montana.

At Jae’s Jewelers, sapphires rings are our bestselling styles. Clients use them as right-hand rings, anniversary rings, and even engagement rings. If you remember, Princess Diana’s engagement ring was a sapphire surrounded by diamonds. In the jewelry industry, we refer to this design as “ballerina.”


Pendants and earrings are also popular, since the blue goes with denim, making the jewelry appropriate for casual everyday wear. Which piece will you wear the most? Shop our sapphire collection now at Sapphire Collection.