The Perfect Proposal

Most proposals occur in the time frame between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day. So, if you’re thinking of popping the question, your time to prepare is now. To better assist you in the planning of your big moment, I’ve broken down the proposal into four focused topics.



Your engagement ring is a tangible symbol of your commitment to your loved one. It is a daily reminder of your love, which will be worn by your partner for the rest of her life. For those reasons, the ring should not be a last-minute choice. The selection or creation of your ring should be an informed decision, based upon her preferences & your budget. Engagement rings can be broken up into 3 general categories: solitaire, diamond-accented, and ornate. If you aren’t sure what her preference is, I always recommend going with a simple round diamond solitaire; you can always remount the diamond in a more detailed setting once she says “YES!” For more guidance with engagement ring selection, visit my article: Debunking Engagement Ring Myths. When you are ready, call 305-443-7724 or click here to book an engagement ring consultation with me at Jae’s Jewelers.




If you are thinking local, here are my top 3 recommendations for a scenic Coral Gables proposal:



The words you say will be the most personal part of your proposal. Only you can decide the perfect length of a speech. Include what you love about your partner, how you met, and what you are looking forward to together. Just remember that the moment you get down on one knee, her mind will most likely start spinning, and she may not hear every word that comes out of your mouth. Therefore, if you are going to launch into a long dialogue, don’t kneel and pull out the ring box until the closing sentence of “Will you marry me?”



Everyone loves to see proposal photos, especially when they show a candid experience. Finding a photographer who can hide until the perfect moment, and get a clearly focused and properly lit shot is essential to your memories. The following Coral Gables photographers come highly recommended:



When you purchase an engagement ring from Jae’s Jewelers, you can rest assured that you have our staff’s full support. In addition to all of the features of our Bridal Bonus package, we can assist with all the proposal details listed above. From the moment you meet your soulmate to the day you celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary, Jae’s Jewelers will be here to share in all of life’s celebrations.