Wishlist Necessities

Do you remember receiving toy catalogs in the mail or newspaper as a child, and circling all your favorite items hoping that they would magically show up? This process works the same way as an adult; if you don’t drop hints or provide a wishlist, how will anyone know what to get you? Ask, and you shall receive.

So, have you made your wishlist at Jae’s Jewelers yet? We make the process easy for you, and your gift giver. Come into the showroom, and let us add the items to your wishlist in-store, or simply create an account at  www.jaesjewelers.com/pages/wishlists and add your favorite items to your wishlist with the simple click of a button. Trust me, “Santa” will appreciate the guidance!

Here are my holiday recommendations for any woman’s wardrobe:

These are a staple for every outfit that can be worn forever. At Jae’s Jewelers, all diamond stud purchases include our free upgrade program. When you are ready to upgrade in size or quality, receive the full amount paid for the original diamonds towards your upgrade. Shop diamond stud earrings by clicking here.


Like diamond stud earrings, a simple pendant for daily wear is a no-brainer. The center stone can be diamond or a birthstone, worn alone or stacked with other necklaces. Shop solitaire pendant necklaces by clicking here.


A ring is referred to as “eternity” when the stones extend all the way around the ring. It is a great design for those who wish to celebrate anniversaries or deal with constantly turning rings. The design can be as simple as round diamonds, or as fancy as alternating colored gemstones in varying shapes. Shop diamond eternity bands by clicking here.




What better gift is there to receive this holiday season than a tangible sign of the lifetime commitment by the person you love? Let your partner know what styles you like by adding engagement rings to your wishlist. After all, you will wear this ring every day. Shop engagement rings by clicking here.

In addition to the basics above, our staff has each picked a favorite piece available this season at Jae’s Jewelers.



This watch is one of the most sought after Rolex models. The new ceramic bezel is scratch-resistant, making this watch great for everyday wear. Shop this watch by clicking here.



This stunning ring explodes with saturated color and is an attention-grabbing conversation piece. Shop this ring by clicking here.



This beautiful diamond line bracelet is impressive looking without being gaudy. The bracelet is a classic style that will withstand the test of time, never going out of style. With a total weight of 9 carats, this is a true show stopper. Shop this bracelet by clicking here.



For the holidays, I decided to pick the beautiful butterfly ring crafted in yellow, white, and rose gold. In my mind, each butterfly represents a season throughout the year: spring, summer, and fall. The detailed bark finish of the ring represents the bareness of winter, as it has all the details of a tree branch. It is absolutely stunning and would make a great gift for the holidays. Shop this ring by clicking here.



This necklace and earring set captures the spirit of the holiday season. The rubies remind me of the poinsettia flowers that decorate homes this time of year, and the shape reminds me of a twinkling star on a snowy night. Shop this set by clicking here.